About Cornerstone OT for Kids

Cornerstone OT for Kids is run by paediatric occupational therapist Sarni Simpson.

Sarni has worked as a paediatric OT since 2011 in both community and early intervention settings.

Sarni’s continuing education includes:

  • Therapeutic Listening (Vital Links USA)
  • Sensory Defensiveness including Therapressure protocol (Wilbarger & Wilbarger)
  • Astronaut Training (Vital Links USA)
  • The Alert Program (Williams & Shellenberger, USA)
  • Handwriting (Lisa Scott & Suzanne Wakefield, Aust)
  • Hartley Knows I can write (Maria McKenzie, Aust)
  • Dyspraxia (Lisa Scott, Aust)
  • Learn to Play (Karen Stagnitti, Aust)
  • We Thinkers! For pre-school and early primary school years (Social Mind Aust)
  • Core Connections (Vital Links USA)

Supporting the foundations

Cornerstone OT for Kids believes that kids are amazing by design and complex by nature. As such, the things they struggle with and the reasons why are often complex too. As you can see by the image below, child development can be viewed as a pyramid where the lower foundations underlie and support the higher-level skill areas.

For this reason, Cornerstone aims to understand the challenges your child is having as well as what might be contributing to them. Therapy then aims to target both the underlying areas (foundations) as well as the presenting challenges.


Adapted from Williams & Shellenberger (1996).