amazing by design,
complex by nature


Welcome to Cornerstone OT for Kids

Cornerstone OT for Kids is a paediatric occupational therapy practice for children and families serving the Daylesford and surrounding region.  Cornerstone OT for Kids believes that kids are amazing by design and is passionate about seeing them reach their potential.

Therapy is offered to support the following areas of development:

  • Sensory processing describes how the brain takes in and makes sense of sensory information.  Sensory information includes our external senses (hearing, touch, vision, taste, smell) and our internal senses (body position, movement and interoception).
  • Gross motor skills use our larger muscle groups to move such as to crawl, walk, run, hop, jump and catch a ball.
  • Fine motor skills use the small muscles of the hands to perform precise movements such as using scissors, holding a pencil, handwriting, and using a knife and fork.
  • Activities of daily living make up the routines of our child’s day and includes eating, dressing, toileting, grooming and sleeping.
  • Play is naturally how children enjoy themselves and learn about their world.  Play is fundamental to language, thinking and social development.

Does my child need OT?

For further information about the above areas of development and to help you decide if your child could benefit from Occupational Therapy, click below.